We provide thorough examinations across mainland UK, Northern Ireland & Éire.

Inspection Services

We provide inspection services for the following categories of plant and equipment to assist in compliance with health and safety legislation:

  • Lifting Equipment
  • General Work Equipment
  • Fall Protection Equipment
  • Pressure Systems
  • Local Exhaust Systems
  • Electrical Equipment

Periodic Inspections and Thorough Examination of equipment is provided by our regional teams of ‘Competent Persons’.

Our team are highly experienced, trained and competent in statutory inspections of equipment across various disciplines and specific categories. Whilst it’s difficult for an individual engineer to be competent across all disciplines and categories, rest assure before we send an engineer to your site, we will review your specific requirements and select an engineer or engineers to meet your needs.

Competent person – Somebody with practical & theorical knowledge and experience in the equipment they are examining so that they can detect defects and weakness and access how important they are in relation to the safety and continue use of the equipment

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Across the UK & Ireland
ITS Plant Tech provide thorough examinations across mainland UK, Northern Ireland & Éire. We therefore comply with local regulations in each jurisdiction which we preform the examination. Quite a few of our clients will also have a presence across these jurisdiction’s and on your behalf, we keep abreast of changes which may affect legal compliance.

Legal Requirements